An underground rebel collective. Your Gen0 Mask is your identity. Flex your style, compete for glory, and above all else - stay anonymous.


MixMob Raiders give Gen0 Masks holders a new look for their Masks along with clothing and accessories. Raiders convey the feeling of Masking Up! This means racing for money, raiding The Surface, or remixing items to sell. Remember to claim a Raider, you must first have a Gen0 Mask.

your raider

Gen0 Mask holders can enter the MixLab and reveal their Raider, a unique PFP they can swap between at any time they want to flex a new style. One NFT, two pieces of art. Here's how to claim yours:

Enter the MixLab at

Connect your SOL wallet.

Scan your Mask. If you don't have a Gen0 Mask, you can purchase on Magic Eden.

Reveal your Raider!

Buy a mask