MXM Token Launch: Be Fast, Be Early, Be Rewarded!

Gamers, Degens, and Esports Enthusiasts: Get Ready!

The gaming world is about to evolve, we’ve been building for this moment for over 2 years. MixMob introduces MXM, the token that's not just a part of the game – it is the game. Prepare for a launch that will change the rules of play and get us one step closer to Flip Web2.

MXM: Play the Game. Own the League. Hodl for rewards.

MXM on Solana is here to revolutionize your gaming experience. A governance token that does more than just exist – it empowers, rewards, and transforms the way you play and interact in the MixMob universe and the MXM Esports League.

Access & Eligibility: Unlock the power to earn MXM tokens directly from MixMob's reward pools. Your skill and staking strategy pays off!

Referral Rewards: Bring friends into the arena. Earn MXM for expanding your gaming circle.

Governance: Take control! Shape the MXM League, Turbo Arenas, and Crews. In MXM's world, you're not just a player – you own the league!


⏰ Mark Your Calendars! FEBRUARY 1

February 1 is not just a date - it's the start of your new gaming journey with MXM.


GET a mixbot & MXM PACKAGE now
📣 Get the Alpha:

Stay ahead of the game. Turn on notifications for the Monday Exchange reveal. Be Fast, Be Early, Be Rewarded.


GET a mixbot & MXM PACKAGE now
MixBot & MXM Token Package
Package contents
1 MixBot + $250 value in MXM + bonus

1  mixbot

Exclusive Level 3-4 Capsules only sale access

$250 in MXM

All levels Capsules 
sale access


All levels Capsules 
sale access
Extra Bonuses:

If you aren’t holding a Gen0 Mask it’s time to sweep the floor.

buying 2+ Packages


MXM bonus for anyone that buys 2 or more MixBot MXM Packages
buying 1 Package


MXM bonus for anyone that buys 1 MixBot MXM Package
The fun part?
The rarity of the Gen0 masks grants participants priority access to specific levels of the presale

Gold & Glitch:

Exclusive Level 3-4 Capsules only sale access

All other 

All levels Capsules 
sale access
DEX Partnerships:

We're proud to partner with leading DEX platforms like Orca and Jupiter, ensuring a seamless and efficient trading experience for our community

CEX Partnerships:

Coming soon

Data Room & Tokenomics Access:

For a comprehensive overview of this groundbreaking sale, including detailed insights and key information:


Don't be like this guy.

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